Rewards Program

Welcome 2016!
As our valued customers, it's important to us that you understand how much we value your business. Today, we've started a new way to do just that – we launched an innovative new rewards program!
Sounds great! So, how do I participate?
All you have to in order to take part in our new rewards program is visit our website click on the link 'Earn Rewards'on the bottom of the page and log in to your account (or sign up for one if you don't have one already)!
Once you're there, you'll be able to see all of the exciting ways we've designed for you to earn rewards points.
Better yet, once you've racked up enough points, you can exchange them for huge discounts to our store! It's our way of showing how honored we are that you've chosen to shop with us.
Make sure to visit our site to take advantage of the program today!
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