Collection: Leather Carpenter Safety Workwear

Find heavy duty safety carpenter workwear, such as leather and canvas shop aprons and leather knee pads to ensure you are safe and comfortable on the job.

At Style n Craft, your safety is very important to us. We offer top-quality safety products & protection gear made of heavy duty suede, durable oiled full grain leather and canvas. Providing you with quality, affordable safety options is our ultimate goal. Our safety workwear is perfect for hard working manual job workers such as carpenters, welders, floor installation workers, plumbers, electricians, and construction workers, but can also be used at home for gardening or painting purposes. Our leather shop aprons are sure to keep you protected and the canvas shop aprons have pockets, allowing you to carry small tools or supplies around for your convenience.

Shop our selection of quality leather safety workwear for cost-effective products that make your job safer and more convenient. Buy your safety workwear today!