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Formal Belts, Casual Belts, & Leather Work Belts

Belts not only help keep your pants up, but they're also the accessory that can make or break an outfit. Don't settle for fake leather products -- Get a real, high-quality leather belt that enhances your wardrobe and style.

Men’s and Women’s Belts for all Occasions

Style n Craft has a wide selection of men's and women's leather belts for sale, and all at affordable prices. Find the perfect casual belt to wear out and about, or check out a heavy duty Leather Work Belt for extra support. Discover beautifully crafted belts for formal and casual wear made from high grade, top grain leather and leather/webbing combination. Top off your outfit for that special occasion with a formal leather belt, ranging in tone from our lightest Tan Leather Belt to our darkest Black Leather Belt. Our treated leather belt straps are then paired with aesthetically matched metal buckles for the perfect finish. Whether you're looking for the best work belt, formal belt, or all around casual belt, Style n Craft offers high-quality leather belts to secure the perfect look for any outfit.

Browse our full collection of women's and men's real leather belts for sale to find the best leather belt for any occasion!